How can you trust what your government tells you about vaccines?

Wasn't it the government that:

  • was responsible for the Tuskegee syphilis experiments?
  • told you that Thalidomide was safe? (actually no, Thalidomide was never FDA approved in the US)
  • said tobacco was safe? (actually, the first report from the Surgeon General saying that cigarette smoking was a cause of lung cancer came out in 1964
  • allowed lead in paint and gasoline? (it was the EPA that said that lead posed a public health threat)
  • DDT was safe?

Arguing that you can't trust the government, scientists, or doctors because of what they have done in the past is mostly a variation on the 'science was wrong before' argument.

Either way, it is a logical fallacy that in no way offers a good reason to avoid vaccines.

After all, wasn't it the government that recommended taking lead out of gasoline and paint?

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